Shoreline Breakers

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EST 2017 ━ The Shoreline Breakers are a non-profit travel baseball and softball organization made up of players and coaches from the Connecticut shoreline, including New London, Middlesex, and New Haven County’s. Our Aim is to provide an elite level experience, at the most affordable tuition possible. Our success is due in no small part to the countless hours and hard work invested by our dedicated staff of volunteer and paid coaches as well as our amazing parents and young athletes.

Welcome to Breakers Baseball

The Shoreline Breakers have grown into an iconic brand with championship-winning travel baseball teams in just about every division. We love to play baseball…

Welcome to Breakers Softball

The Shoreline Breakers added its first travel softball team to the organization in 2019. With one team and some really cool custom uniforms; the program has quickly become one of the most competitive group of teams in the Northeast…


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